Coffee from the Caribbean Jewel.


Domestique Coffee Roaster – Birmingham AL

Domestique Coffee

We are a Birmingham, Al based coffee company dedicated to high quality, fair-trade coffee.

What We Do

Find Coffee

Coffee sourced from well known producers as well as the hidden gems of the world.

Roast Coffee

Green coffee from around the world precisely roasted utilizing our fluid-bed roaster to highlight flavor notes unique to each region.

Sell Coffee

Retail and wholesale offerings of both our whole-bean and ready to drink products.


Whole Bean

We have a coffee for every palate, whether you want our bold Haiti, our fruity Ethiopia, or our buttery Guatemala we’ve got you covered.

Ready To Drink

Are you a coldbrew fan? Then we have got you covered. Our traditional coldbrew and nitro coldbrew pack a punch.


Check out our selection of coffee accessories and apparel.

How We Found Haiti

A few years ago three friends set out across Haiti by bicycle and found a country that was welcoming and full of life. Today two of those friends run Domestique Coffee.

Come have coffee with us.