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Colombia by Osito

osito talking at the drying house in Huila, Colombia

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent struggles related to the Paro Nacional or national strike, many Colombians have basic needs going unmet or worse; their very lives are in danger from violence committed by various bad actors.
We've been asked many times by clients, coffee roasters and people who just care about Colombia, "How can we help?  How can we best support the people for whom we care?"
In our network of coffee farmers, we've seen folks struggle mightily with cash flow.  With a delayed harvest and limited access to town centers because of the widespread roadblocks, farmers still have to lay out money to maintain their farms and families with little money coming in at this time.
Osito is doing its best to begin pre-financing programs with some of our core relationships based on actual need but there are other ways that coffee roasters can support the people from whom we are all buying coffee.

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