Single Origin: Ethiopia
Single Origin: Ethiopia
Single Origin: Ethiopia
Single Origin: Ethiopia

Single Origin: Ethiopia

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Roast Level: Light Medium

Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom

Process: Washed

Region: Yirgacheffe

Elevation: 1900m-2200m asl (6233ft - 7217ft)

Tasting Notes: Lemongrass/Watermelon/Black Tea

Vintage: October-December 2017

A Brief History

The origin of coffee can be traced back to Ethiopia centuries ago. The country is known as the mother of the heirloom varietal and provides coffee connoisseurs with a look back to how coffee was originally consumed. Coffee starts as a cluster of cherries grown from a tree and then handpicked and steeped with the cherry still surrounding the seed within. Original coffee drinkers would have equited it to more of a tea in its origin state. Coffee consumption has evolved to what it is today, while still holding on to some of those original flavors. Now we know the Yirgacheffe region of the country for being one of the highest exporters of gourmet coffees in the world.

A Taste of Ethiopia

The flavor that comes out of coffees grown in Ethiopia are highly unique compared to “traditional” regions such as Colombia or Guatemala. Once a consumer tastes the fruity/floral notes and the delicate/smooth body their mind tends to stray from the original concept of what coffee means. We love accenting those eccentric flavors!