Peru - Single Origin

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Peru - Single Origin

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Roast Level: Medium roast 

Varietal: Typica/Red Caturra

Process: Washed

Region: David Nunez, Lot 1, Cajamarca

Elevation: 1800m-1900m above sea level

Tasting Notes: Dried Mango, lemon, cinnamon

Vintage: March 2021 - September 2021

A Brief History

Peru has one of the most diverse climates of all the coffee producing regions around the world, which is what gives her coffee such a unique flavor. As early as 1700, coffee was being produced by indigenous peoples due to Spanish colonial influence. This is a common thread in coffee producing regions. The specific region in which we source focuses on gender equality, which lends to a more fair distribution of land for male and female producers. The growth of coops helps these men and women and with that the entire Peruvian economy bolsters around the export of high quality, fair trade coffees.

A Taste of Peru

Peruvian coffee is known for its clarity, brightness and depth of flavor in the cup. It boasts some of the most organic coffees exported over any other region, and with an intense focus back on quality over quantity, the region is thriving.