Employee Tools

Upon joining Domestique you will be given access to our information repository and asked to download a few Apps to your device to better connect with our company:


We use email for anything we would want to document for later reference. This includes things like: submitting leave requests, purchase requests, process kick-offs (like this one), HR matters, communications with outside partners, etc. 


We use Slack as our main tool for day-to-day interaction and for informal inquiries (eg. new ideas, reporting issues with equipment/facilities, and other matters which we would want to align) so that we can all stay informed and react quickly. Slack is key for us to maintain our pace, and our dynamism. 


Asana is a tool to help manage processes which we have already established. Asana  helps us remain consistent and efficient with our tasks and workflow by standardizing the process flow behind our work, and helps us to better plan and break down new developments (eg. projects, social media, cafe procedures, etc.) into digestible and actionable steps.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a tool to help store company information processes. Drive helps us stay organized with our working documents in the organization. This repository of information is where every company process lives.


Homebase is a tool used to schedule our CAFE workforce. 

As a rapidly growing company, it is important that we all stay connected. By utilizing technology we can eliminate information silos and grow with calculated efficiency. With that said, it is important to set boundaries for your mental health, so during your onboarding process we will show you how to set your “out of office” hours.