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Award Winning Coffee

Award Winning Coffee

  • Named "Best Coffee in Alabama" by Food and Wine Magazine, 2021 and 2022.
  • Best Roaster in Alabama 2022, by food and Wine Magazine
  • Southern Living, named best coffee shop in Alabama.

Roasted Locally Alabama since 2018

205 from the beginning. We were born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and when we started this, we knew there was nowhere better than our Magic City.

Our Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible coffee importer, and expert roaster, that is dedicated to sourcing sustainably-grown coffees and ensuring a fair-wage supply chain from production to distribution.

Who is Domestique

Domestique is a coffee, hospitality, and lifestyle company that provides coffee based cultural experiences. We are a socially responsible coffee importer, and expert roaster, that is dedicated to sourcing sustainably-grown coffees and ensuring a fair-wage supply chain from production to distribution.

We are a humanist company that praises what we perceive with our born senses, and values what roots us to our past. We work towards preserving the beauty of our home, the Earth, through an ethical and thoughtful business model. 

We are founded on the idea of “easy access to high quality coffee”. This means we want simple and healthy coffees to be available for our customers, at home, on the go, and in the restaurants you visit.

  • Nathan Pocus

    Nathan is a Birmingham native who has been working in the film and production industry for all of his professional life. After working in the corporate environment for five years, Nathan decided to quit the 9-5. With his entrepreneurial spirit in tow, in 2012, he struck out on his own to pursue production, branding, and marketing as founder of Squarepost Creative. Travel and exploration are integral to his existence. His free spirit drives him to learn and evolve and always strive for more. With his boundless supply of ideas and creativity, Domestique Coffee is his brain-child.

  • Michael Pocus

    Michael Pocus graduated from UAB with a Bachelors of Arts where he focused on Film History. He has worked in the service industry since age 16 where he learned how to work the front of the house and interact with customers. He became the Coffee Manager of Urban Standard, a premiere Birmingham coffee house and cafe, in 2013. Through his time at Urban Standard, working with Counter Culture Coffee, he developed a true passion for the entire process of the coffee trade. In January of 2016, he was instrumental in opening The Woodlawn Cycle Cafe. His role at Domestique currently lies as Co-Founder, Head Coffee Roaster, and COO.

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Our Mission

We are a coffee roaster, beverage company, and Café entity dedicated to high-quality and sustainably-grown coffee served in traditional and non-traditional formats. We use a fluid-bed roaster, which maintains the integrity and nuanced flavor of the beans, and we aim to produce the best nitro cold brew, and whole-bean coffee available. 

We serve both B2B and B2C markets across the United States, providing whole bean and kegged products to our network of partner cafes and restaurants, as well as to our native direct-to-consumer cafes. 

Our current focus is on developing our ready-to-drink products, and assimilating tech-integrated hospitality into our company framework, a framework which will augment consumer experience and will provide EV-charging destinations at locations within our network.

It all started in Haiti

Our Beginnings

Beyond the mountains, more mountains.

Since our adventure to the Caribbean Jewel in 2013 our hearts have been captured by Haiti. The beauty of its landscape and culture is manifested in its warm people, and even more so by its incredible coffee. When we started this company we knew we had to play a part in growing the industry for the country, and so far we’ve focused on sourcing the best the country has to offer.

15% of every Haitian coffee purchase will be donated to relief efforts in Haiti.