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Batch Brew

What is Batch Brew?

Batch Brew, or drip coffee, is one of the most common methods for home, and commercial, brewing. The light flavor and body you get from using this method differs from espresso and french-press methods and more closely resembles that of the V60 extraction method. 

Despite its importance and prevalence, batch brewing is sometimes left out of the third-wave mentality, which is why we have developed this brew guide to help anyone used to batch brew, get the flavors, and body, of a quality cup of coffee.

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Our Recommendations

While your home equipment may seem sufficient, we have outlined our recommended line-up below if you want to dial-in your coffee equipment.

In terms of batch brewers, we recommend one with good temperature control and a thermal carafe, such as the Bonita One-Touch Thermal Brewer. This model also has a pre-wet (“bloom”) feature which allows the coffee to degas before brewing. 

We recommend the Baratza Encore for the best value grinder. It is hands-down the most affordable quality grinder on the market, and it yields consistent and even grinds. 

While almost any coffee scale will do for this method, you may consider a Brewista Ratio Scale for its precise measurements. This scale also has the ability to give your pouring speed when using pour over brew methods, which optimizes extraction time for the perfect cup. 

The whole bean coffee you use with the batch brew method can vary to your taste. However, we do suggest a light/medium roast profile, like our Guatemala, Haiti, and Peru beans, in order to get the most body and sweetness out of your batch brew extraction.