Your Guide to Brewing Specialty Coffee

While our farmers ensure we have the highest quality beans and we ensure they are roasted optimally for their profiles, it’s up to you to choose your preferred brew method. We've shared our expert opinion below to get you started.

Once you choose your brew method, check out our step-by-step brew guides above to perfect your method. Together, we will produce exquisite flavors...

Now, let's dive into the critical brew factors that make a good cup of coffee.

Extraction Time

Bed Depth

Grind Size

Coffee : Water

The Perfect Cup

While this may seem a little detailed for a cup of brew, the finesse is what makes the difference between an over-extracted bitter tasting coffee and a smooth flavorful cup of bliss.

To start out, we recommend paying the most attention to the grind size and water : coffee ratio as these two factors will help you calibrate (or "dial-in" as we say in the coffee world) the right bed depth, and ultimately, the optimal extraction time for flavorful and well balanced cup.

Check out our experts' recipes above for more detailed parameters on your specific vessel, or shop our assortment of equipment and beans if you are ready to get started!