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Cold Brew

Why is Cold Brew so Awesome?

In terms of a extracting a smooth and velvety coffee, the cold brew method stands mountains above the rest. In the cold brew method, the coffee is ground coarse and is steeped in cold water over hours to days. This allows the coffee to extract slowly and evenly, reducing the acidity and giving you the perfect cup of refreshing brew.

Through precisely measured coffee: water ratios, enabling the coffee to bloom and degas, and facilitating a slow extraction process, the cold brew method yields a consistently pure, crisp and smooth brew. The reduced acidity in cold brew also lets you enjoy more of the undertones that make each coffee unique.

Plus, it’s pretty easy and doesn’t require expensive equipment. So, let’s get started. 

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Our Recommendations

While your home equipment may seem sufficient, we have outlined our recommended line-up below if you want to dial-in your coffee set up.

In terms of Cold Brew equipment, we recommend the Toddy Cold Brew System. The system is simple, convenient, and affordable. The mason jar method works, but can sometimes yield murky, sub-optimal, brew if not filtered properly. Toddy also provides a strong and pure cold brew concentrate, but the slow filter process prevents the grounds from breaking up, keeping the coffee clean and crisp. As a result, you get to enjoy the smoothest and least acidic cold brew in your cup.

For a coffee grinder, it would be difficult to beat the quality of the Baratza Encore for the price. It is hands-down the most affordable quality grinder on the market, and it yields consistent and even grinds. Consistency is key, especially with cold brew. Since this method takes place over hours, uneven grounds can disrupt your brew and lead to over extraction and unwanted bitterness.

Since precision is essential to a quality brew, you may consider a Brewista Ratio Scale for its precise measurements. This coffee scale also has the ability to give your pouring speed when using a V60 brew method, which optimizes extraction time for the perfect cup. 

The whole bean coffee you use with the Cold Brew method can vary to your taste. However, since the Cold Brew is so capable of pulling out the undertones in complex coffee, we'd suggest a high-altitude coffee with a medium to light roast profile or one of our blends that we designed specifically for Cold Brew. You can find these qualities in our Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Peloton beans, bringing you the most enjoyment in your Cold Brew experience.