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French Press

What is French Press?

The French Press extraction method, also known as a "cafetière", is an immersion brew method using a cylindrical vessel and a piston-like filter, or plunger, to prevent steeped grounds from entering your cup.

While the French Press method is pretty straightforward, there are a few tricks to avoiding over-extracted muddy coffee as is archetypal of the French Press. With the right dose, technique, and some unconventional uses of the filter-piston, a French Press can combine the simplicity of a Batch Brew with crisp flavors normally showcased by a V60. So, let's get to it.

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Our Recommendations

While your home equipment may seem sufficient, we have outlined our recommended line-up below if you want to dial-in your coffee equipment.

In terms of French Press vessel, we recommend the .

For a coffee grinder, it would be difficult to beat the quality of the Baratza Encore for the price. It is hands-down the most affordable quality grinder on the market, and it yields consistent and even grinds. 

Since precision is essential to a quality brew, you may consider a Brewista Ratio Scale for its precise measurements. This coffee scale has the ability to give your pouring speed when using a pour over brew method, which optimizes extraction time for the perfect cup. 

The whole bean coffee you use with the French Press method can vary to your taste. However, since the French Press is an immersion extraction method at a coarse grind, we'd suggest some smooth, but bold, high-altitude coffee with a medium roast profile. You can find these qualities in our Haiti, Bolivia, and Peru beans, giving you the most flavor for your French Press experience.