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Third-Wave Coffee

Domestique is part of what the industry calls the third-wave coffee movement.

The third-wave coffee movement considers coffee as an artisanal food, similar to wine. It celebrates the exploration of coffee, beyond your average “cup of joe”, by promoting education and attention to the processes and culture that create this tasty beverage.

Third wave coffee aims to uncover, and enhance, the nuances of coffee that result from its origin, cultivation, processing methods, roasting methods, as well as the various ways in which to brew and drink it.

At Domestique, we value the complexity and culture of coffee, and we foster environments where people can connect over a shared love for this versatile drink.

Recap: First & Second Wave

First Wave

Second Wave

Region & Cultivation

Coffee is a grand world with nuances challenging that of even the wine industry. Coffee is grown across the globe and the flavors vary depending on the varietal of the plant, soil composition, altitude, precipitation, as well as the drying process of the coffee.

In general, coffee is sweeter and higher quality when it has a longer ripening period. So, climates that offer the plant stability and cool temperatures are optimal for cultivation.

volcano lush green coffee soil

Soil Composition


Coffee plants rainy foggy mountainside



Coffee Processing

Coffee processing is the final stage of cultivation where the coffee is peeled and dried before being roasted, and later, brewed. There are multiple ways to process fresh coffee, and depending on the process, the flavor notes from the coffee will vary.

Drying natural process coffee beans

Natural Process

Washed Process

Coffee farmer processing washed process coffee beans
Raw red honey process coffee beans drying

Red Honey Process

The Art of the Roast

Just as there are various ways in which coffee is processed, the way that it is roasted will also influence the flavors you taste when it is finally brewed. Lighter roasts provide a dulled fruit-heavy flavors while darker roasts tend to yield bold robust flavors that can bury the natural flavor composition of the beans.

At Domestique, we roast to enhance the natural flavors in our coffee. To do this, we target a medium roast level and we use a fluid-bed roaster , which uses convection heating, to ensure the coffee is roasted evenly from shell to core.

Roast Temperature

Roast Freshness

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