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What is V60?

In terms of extracting nuanced flavor notes, you’d be hard pressed to find a more suitable way to brew coffee than the V60 method. The name V60 comes from the 60° slanted cone shape of the vessel, which is what defines the coffee extraction of this brew method. 

Through precisely measured coffee: water ratios, enabling the coffee to bloom and degas, and facilitating even agitation and water exposure to the grounds, the V60 is the pinnacle for pulling out the full character in a coffee. It’s also pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and doesn’t require expensive equipment. So, let’s get started. 

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Our Recommendations

While your home equipment may seem sufficient, we have outlined our recommended line-up below if you want to dial-in your coffee equipment.

In terms of V60 Vessel, we recommend the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper. They are handcrafted ceramic which makes them both easy to clean and durable. The ceramic also ensures no flavor distortions, and the spiral ridges on it’s interior walls help water flow more evenly throughout the pour, giving a smooth and even extraction.

For a coffee grinder, it would be difficult to beat the quality of the Baratza Encore for the price. It is hands-down the most affordable quality grinder on the market, and it yields consistent and even grinds. 

Since precision is essential to a quality brew, you may consider a Brewista Ratio Scale for its precise measurements. This coffee scale has the ability to give your pouring speed when using a V60 brew method, which optimizes extraction time for the perfect cup. 

The whole bean coffee you use with the V60 method can vary to your taste. However, since the V60 is so capable of pulling out exquisite flavors, we'd suggest a complex high-altitude coffee with a medium to light roast profile. You can find these qualities in our Bolivia, Dominican Republic, and Ethiopia beans, giving you the most flavor for your V60 experience.