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Domestique Coffee

Guatemala - Single Origin

Guatemala - Single Origin

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Roast Level: Medium 
Varietal: Caturra and Red Catuai
Process: Washed
Region: Two Birds Coffee, Finca Esperanza, La Morenita
Elevation: 1400m asl (4593ft)
Tasting Notes: Walnut, Peanut Butter, Wheatgrass, Brown Sugar
Vintage: December 2021-April 2022

A Brief History

Located in Central America, Guatemala has spent its history after colonization ebbing and flowing through various different commodity exports. After the 1850s coffee became one of the highest exported goods from Guatemala, which also made it a highly politicized agricultural commodity from here on out. Becoming one of the fiercest regions for quality standards, Guatemala maintains its position in a global market for a premium product. Here is an excerpt from our Direct Trade partners from Two Birds Coffee: 

 “The Two Birds Family has been in the coffee industry for quite a while. It was three generations ago that a woman, the wife of a humble foreman, decided to start a small tailoring business in Guatemala. With her earnings and a sharp mind, she quickly recognized the need for coffee beans- so she bought some, and sold them. Eventually she had saved up enough to buy some land, and on that land she planted coffee. While it has been passed down throughout generations, the love for the land and the commitment to the craft has always remained the same.”

A Taste of Guatemala

Focusing on the earth from which the coffee trees grow makes a huge difference in how the cherry will eventually taste as a final, drinkable product. The fertilizers are currently made from all natural compost that have been made into a "tea" and aerated. This natural fertilizer gives local flora a strong food source from which to grow, furthering the connection the coffee has with our land. Which is why we focus so strongly on Single Origin.

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