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What is Espresso?

The espresso extraction method forces pressurized water through a densely packed "puck" of coffee. The result is about 40g of deliciously concentrated golden brown coffee, or "espresso".

To get the ideal result requires a decent machine, fine grind setting, and even placement and tamping of the coffee, which is why espresso is one of the most volatile ways to brew coffee. But when you get it right, espresso extraction can yield some of the most powerful and complex flavor profiles from your specialty coffee. So, let's get to it.

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Our Recommendations

While your home equipment may seem sufficient, we have outlined our recommended line-up below if you want to dial-in your coffee equipment.

In terms of personal espresso machines, we recommend domestic models from Rocket or Breville for their affordability and quality. While most decent espresso machines will be generally expensive, these two will definitely give you the most bang for your buck.

We recommend the Baratza Encore for the best value grinder. It is hands-down the most affordable quality grinder on the market, and it yields consistent and even grinds. 

While almost any coffee scale will do for this method, you may consider a Brewista Ratio Scale for its precise measurements. This scale also has the ability to give your pouring speed, which can optimize extraction time for the perfect shot. 

The whole bean coffee you use with the espresso method can vary to your taste. However, we do suggest a smooth medium roast profile, like our Peru single origin or one of our specially designed espresso blends like the Wavelength and Chapeau! to get the most complex flavors out of your espresso extraction.